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BC ended the day with 10 District Champion and advance 11 to Regions. BC should be the # 1 team in the state they wrestled hurt every week until the last week of january. They lost to SouthPlainfield  1st match of the season by 9 with 2 starters out and 1 kid getting hurt, lost to Southern (ranked#4 at the time) by 1-point with 5 starters out, lost to Brick Memorial (ranked # 5at the time) by 5-points with 5 starters out.  fINALLY the team gets a full  line-up together and beat the # 2 team in the State and wins there 7th team state championship. Right now this very moment the best team in the state of New Jersey is BC. Again lets see if SP would compete or com close to winning against (southern or brick) with 5 starters out. take 3 kids out of SP line up and see if they would come close to winning vs BC